The purpose of the coaching centre is to provide you with adequate training to create SEO-friendly blog content that helps readers find solutions to their problems.

Always remember, our number 1 goal is to always provide the most helpful informational online resource around any given topic.

Est Time to complete: 45 minutes

NOTE: You will find 3 secret words throughout this training centre, take note of all 3 words and provide them to your client as proof that you have watched the training in its entirety. Then there’ll be a quick test to make sure you’re clear on everything you’ve learned!

House Rules, Post Formats & The 3 Types Content We Write

This video will provide you with the post requirements of how to write, then format your posts in a way that helps readers to navigate and enjoy reading your writing.

Est Video length is (10 minutes watching time)

Click here to read the written version of this video if you prefer to read.

Quick overview of the topics in this video:

  • Blog posts vs articles
  • Why some articles are so long? (e.g. 3500+)
  • House Rules to Follow for post formats and criteria
  • The 3 types of articles we write to tackle competing posts on Google

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