Super Affiliate System 3.0 Review- My Experience

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I’m not the best of swimmers, but today we’re going to do a deep dive into the Super Affiliate System 3.0 created by John Crestani. 

In this review, I’ll take you through what the program is, and share my thoughts and opinions as to whether I believe if its a good course or not. 

Either way, I intend for you to leave knowing exactly what steps or avenue you’ll go down to get started with making money online. And whether this is going to be your way to do it!

Anyway, enough chit chat, let’s get into exactly what you came for.

Who am I?

I’m Leon Angus and have been running an affiliate business for the last 2 years and successfully for the past year. I still work a job 2 days a week, but plan to go full time with online marketing by the end of this year.

I decided to write this review as there’s just so much fluff on the internet, and with all the noise there must come a savior. Whilst there’s a long way to go, I eventually wish to be the truth of this industry. For more info on me, check out the about section of the site.

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First Impressions

After coming across Johns way ‘out there’ ads for the 100th time, I decided to click the link in the Youtube video and check out the sales page to his course. 

Firstly when you scroll down the page, you’ll see a bunch of John’s other students that have supposedly had success with the course already. Even some that apparently gone one to make a million dollars.

Whilst that sounds great, there are also a few others that show just a few hundred dollars a week income that has just done this as a side gig instead.

One thing I do have to say stood out for me about this course was the fact that I saw so many other credible marketers in the industry recommending it. But if you’re anything like me and see have seen Johns ads then you would rightly so be a little skeptical about whether you should trust him.

And lastly, they have a real example of a successful Clickbank promo sitting right there. It was a live webinar put on with a JV partner that had a peak audience of 180 people. 

Sure, they made some sales on the product they were promoting DURING the show, 23 to be precise. But they went on to tell you about their email follow-up campaign which generated 1.5x the sales (37) after the show. 

And this stuff isn’t cheap! The products they were selling cost about $460. Imagine the profits! 

Let’s Look Deeper

So that’s the first impression I got. You can tell I was a little skeptical at first but gradually came to realize there was some potential here. 

So, the next thing to do is…more research! 

Who Is Mr. Crestani? 

john crestani

Crestani is a guru entrepreneur. He is a master of internet marketing, somebody who built himself from the ground up and definitely shows it off. I personally don’t care to own a Lambo, but I do dream of being my own boss, so his lifestyle inspired me. 

No matter how we look at it, the guy has achieved some success in his life (no matter how he got there) as his business nets about $5 million per year. So starting in 2011, that’s less than a decade and a whole lot of success. 

Crestani brags about being able to: 

  • Live wherever
  • Do whatever
  • Live life how HE wants

As if the site wasn’t inspiring enough and making us all drool, hearing Crestani describe the life we all dream of was making me downright hungry for success. I knew I couldn’t let emotions dictate my actions, so the research continued. 

How the Program Works

In the program, Crestani teaches the following components: 

  • His marketing funnel and how it functions
  • Techniques employed to attract online customers
  • How to create great ads
  • How to go about copywriting
  • How he makes BIG dollars every month 
  • He also gives you a template to begin, so it’s easy to get your footing and take off from there.
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Can I Do This Program? 

If you have the drive and you are willing to buckle down, pay attention and LEARN, yes, you can do it. Crestani himself says it’s doable for even a 13-year-old. 

You have to be willing to do the following: 

  • Use what skills you’ve learned to make it your own
  • You should know how to do copywriting, web design and website conversion optimization so making your own ads is easier
  • Work hard to master affiliate marketing and the plethora of skills and theory related to its success
  • Have some money budgeted for ads
  • Have a support network (hate to say it, but the affiliate marketing community is a tough crowd that’s not all that supportive of each other). 
  • Be open to learning new techniques and strategies for your business’s success. 
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What Do You Learn? 

I think the program does some things REALLY well, such as teaching you the following information: 

  • Creating ads that convert
  • Teaching a method that really works
  • Being relatable, e.g. John talks about his own story a lot, which we all can relate to. 
  • How to utilize different business models for your own online business
  • How to generate money in a variety of ways like Google SEO, paid ads for Facebook, YouTube, and Google, plus video marketing
  • He shows you how to use keywords effectively
  • He shows you how to make effective YouTube videos (like the ones he drew me in with)
  • His methodology is tested on a large scale thanks to his large ad budget
  • He gives you the precise funnels he uses-it’s a great foundation to set up to do your own marketing
  • Even when what he is describing seems crazy, you remind yourself that he actually walked the walk and isn’t just making stuff up
  • He teaches you about various jobs you can do in affiliate marketing, great if you decide entrepreneurship isn’t for you
  • He says it’s okay to ask for help by way of his phone/email support, and there’s also an online community.
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“I Think This Is A Scam” 

When I told my friends what I was up to in my spare time, they more or less told me to watch out. One of my friends even said, “I think this is a scam.” I tried to show them, but they kind of brushed me off. I think it’s important to talk about why people don’t believe in this program, and why you shouldn’t believe them. 

Yes, John Crestani will tell you to “quit your job” and throws around (what I presume is) movie money. I think this is more or less an attention grabber, not the mark of a scammer.

However, once you start actually DOING the course, he does inform you that it’s going to take a while to get results. He even says it took him 4 years to get his first commission. I can appreciate this kind of transparency.

And the course, as you will learn, is not some one-day seminar or a poorly put together PDF using stuff you can find online. It’s a pretty comprehensive course, and I will take you through it all. 

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My Time in The Course

So, if you’re anything like me, you love YouTube. And as somebody interested in breaking away from the rat race and starting my own business, I browse a lot of videos related to the topic. So, when I got an ad for John Crestani, I was pretty intrigued. 

Instead of skipping the thing, I went ahead and watched it. Yeah, he made me laugh when he threw some money and said, “Quit going to college! Quit your job!” 

But I kept on watching. And eventually, I went ahead and got the course. 

What You Get

You will learn six valuable skill sets during this course. Let’s look at them now. 

How to Choose Your Niche: John takes you through methods of choosing a niche that will help you turn a profit. You will also learn how to discern between high and low commission networks. He tells you about 7 that will pay more to you than the product owners. 

Getting into The Entrepreneur Mood: You gotta have that winning mindset when it comes to marketing. Crestani shows you how to maintain that winning attitude even when you have little to no experience, how to navigate the world of affiliate marketing and get you on the way to your first commission.

Designing Winning Ad Campaigns: Here, you will get skills that will help you create winning ads for Bing, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and AdWords. 

Skills for Scaling/Automation: You will learn how to use survey funnels, media buyers, and how to scale from 1 to 20K. They actually use real case studies to do this, so it’s not some crazy models or hypothetical scenarios you’re learning from. 

How to Copywrite: Ronnie Sandlin, an absolute genius of copywriting, teaches you how to effectively using and I’m not joking “Jedi Persuasion” copywriting that will trigger the emotions of your customers and lead to conversions. Hey, don’t knock it till you try it!

Related image

You will learn five key points that lead you to effective ad design- that is, the content of the ad, the promotion of said ad, the audience, the offer and of course the follow-up! Remember that email campaign we talked about at the start where they made 1.5x the sale? Yeah, there’s a reason they do that!

You will also learn how to gain the trust of your audience. This also involves learning “how to speak to the reptilian brain” and no, this is not a reference to those conspiracy theorists who think there are lizard people that walk among us.

This is instead an advertising technique that targets a customer’s decision making and attention gatekeeper areas of their brain, also known as the reptilian region. 

You learn how to speak to the pain of your audience, how to appeal to the self-centered nature of the reptilian brain. It’s truly fascinating stuff, and I only wish that we could’ve spent more time on this. It’s not only interesting, but I think it’s a goldmine for advertising strategy. You can learn more about that by clicking here.

Keeping Skills Fresh: The learning never stops when you work with Crestani. You get access to webinars that are conducted LIVE by Crestani himself. There, you will not only get some great information on what’s going on in the world of affiliate marketing, but you will also get some good advice about how to promote the products you’re selling.

John can even review what you’re doing to provide some advice and coaching. 

Screen Shot 2019 04 27 at 10.55.48 AM

6 Weeks to A Great Foundation

Its time to dig into the nitty-gritty on exactly what this course includes. But before we do that, I wanted to give you the choice of video or text. So here’s a video review, and then the text version follows after if you would rather read it instead. 

Click here to check out the course now.

The course itself is six weeks long, and I will tell you what you do during that time in this section. The course has updated the names of its modules slightly compared to the screencap above. 

Week 1: System Setup

Here, you will learn how to go about making your first commission, and how to get approved with affiliate networks for the first time so those commissions can just start rolling in. 

You will also learn how to set your ads up, pre-sell your pages and affiliate links, all with no experience. There is also a tutorial on how to set up Facebook ads that lead to conversions with a very wide audience.

I also learned how to get affiliate networks and their reps working for me-at no charge, too! 

Week 2: Choosing Your Niche

With the huge number of niches out there and oversaturation running rampant, it’s important you go about this the smart way. 

Here you will learn how to choose an ad network that meshes well with your niche, how to get the upper hand as an online marketer, and how to get into the right mindset to be a great business person. 

Even if you’ve never done this before, Crestani can teach you if you are willing to learn. You will come out of this part knowing what niche and affiliate offers are best for you.

Week 3: Advanced Marketing Skills

This reminded me of a semester of college all condensed into one week! Yeah, there was a lot of info here, but I really enjoyed this module the best. I felt it was the most interesting of all the weeks.

This is the week where you learn about copywriting, what it is, and how to make headlines that make a profit. 

 Here is where you learn from Ronnie Sandlin about copywriting methods that really work-17 steps to be exact-and also five steps to creating a presell page that generates money. You will also learn optimization tactics that take your affiliate campaigns to the next level.

You will also learn how to get into people’s emotions as a means of getting them to buy whatever it is you are selling-it’s almost like hypnosis!

Week 4: Facebook and Google Advertising

You will learn how to create ad campaigns that generate ROIs as well as click-throughs. It also teaches you how to stay compliant with the dynamic policies of Facebook ads so that your campaign won’t get the kibosh. 

Crestani also teaches techniques for the other heavy hitter-Google- so you can leverage their ad network and generate endless clicks to your presell pages. 

You will also learn how to understand and leverage all the various metrics found in advertising so that you find your path to profits easily. 

Week 5: YouTube Ads/Native Advertising

In this section, you will learn how to set up and use YouTube ads. This way you can get penny clicks which scales upward quick and thus creates profits. 

You will also get educated on how you can use a Clicktracker and use the results it generates to optimize your own ad campaigns. And if you’ve never heard of Native Advertising, don’t worry about it-this will show you what this is and how you can use networks like MGID, Taboola, and Outbrain to power your business. 

This week’s lesson ends with showing you techniques for creating profitable video advertisements on Facebook, and how to effectively set up and execute the campaigns for maximum capital. 

Week 6: Scaling & Automation

The last week rounds out with learning how to use survey funnels as a means of boosting Facebook conversion rates. You will also learn about a very interesting case study, known as the $240K Solar Campaign case study. 

After you’ve completed that part, you go on to learn about how to go about scaling your campaigns from just a few hundred per day to thousands per day.

You will also learn how to work with media buyers: that is, how to hire and manage them, and how to build an organization that centers around your ad campaigns.

Super Affiliate System 3.0
Super Affiliate System 3.0

What I Think Can Be Improved

I would recommend this course to anybody, but I do think there are some things that can be done better. 

For starters, I think there could be more done on the “human” aspect of advertising. Crestani teaches you how to do it, sure, but there’s not a lot on how to use psychology to get people to buy.

I’d also love some more information on how to brand yourself and build that brand. I know there are plenty of resources like this available online, but it’s far easier to just learn everything in one place. Plus, I think Crestani would be good at explaining something like that. 

Some info in website-building would be nice, too-maybe some info on helpful plugins and other things you can use to speed up the site and make it really user-friendly. 

This is why you sort of need a background in web development before you start this, which can be off-putting to some people. 

I also wish there was a way we could get some more engagement when it comes to the user forums. I am so glad they are there, but it seems kind of dead. A contest or some other fun incentive to get people talking might be nice. 

I also think it is important for Crestani and others to be honest about the amount of money required for ad spending and tools. I was prepared to spend money, but a few other students seemed miffed at the amount of money they had to spend. So, a bit more transparency about that would be nice.


  • Crestani is absolutely qualified to teach you this, having built his business from the ground up. 
  • Reviews point to this being a satisfactory product. 
  • He covers all the absolute basics of getting started and gives you the EXACT templates he uses. 


  • I think there could be more done for people who aren’t so web-design savvy. For example, direct them toward an easy solution like a WordPress design or template instead of just providing the “done for you” landing page. 
  • On that same note, I would like to hear more talk about what makes a site convert, like site speed, design, and layout.

Summing It Up

All things considered; I think this course is a fine place to start when it comes to starting out in affiliate marketing. I think Crestani is a real expert in this field, and if there’s anybody to spend money on, it’s going to be this guy. 

That being said, you should have a few things in mind before you begin: 

  • You have to have a budget that you are able to invest into your paid ads, and you also have to understand that investments can lose money
  • You should have a basic understanding of SEO, web design, and how to optimize conversions

This course can and will teach you how to create YouTube, Bing, Google and Facebook ads that really convert. On top of this, you get weekly insight from one of the world’s most successful affiliate marketers. 

Ready to Check It Out? 

I think the fastest way to learn a skill is to hang around with somebody who actually has mastered that skill. 

John Crestani is the man to know when it comes to affiliate marketing, as his system teaches you how to really make a commission or “commissions” in the shortest time possible. No, it’s not easy, but it is legit. 

Some folks have made money in hours; others it took weeks or months. Go check out some other reviews to see for yourself.

The course is certainly an investment, but I believe it is worth it. There are also ways in which you can get a deal on the course: for starters, you can buy it on a three-payment special instead. That way you can split the payments over 3 months. 

If you are ready to work hard and get results, this course is great to get started with. 

Super Affiliate System 3.0

Leon Angus

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Content Quality
Value For Money


As crazy as this sounds, whilst I still think John Crestani is one of the cheesiest marketers of our time. It appears that his course is definitely a good shout, so if you’re looking to get into affiliate marketing, then this is definitely a great resource to get started with.



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