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How much do you think niche sites earn?

Thats income from a site that hasn’t been worked on for over 2 months… “talk about passive”.

I've got a Quick Question for YOU?

Have you ever thought about making double your salary, whilst only working half the time?

I know, I have... And it’s the very reason I got involved with this stuff in the first place.

It wasn't an Easy Ride...

Back when I started, I ran it to pitfall after pitfall with FAKE guru courses, and a bunch of pointless info that had NO real benefit to my business. 

But it led me to figure out “what NOT to do”, and thorough testing, tweaking and relentless work ethic I was able to find success. 

Although I had to slug my guts out… YOU certainly don’t have to, as TODAY you have the chance to shortcut the route to success.

My BIG promise to you, is that if you follow what I teach YOU WILL GET RESULTS, period!

Hi, I’m Leon Angus 

You may have seen me on YouTube, or maybe this is our first encounter. Either way, I’m here to tell you that I’m not one to hold back on the information I share. 

That means, I always keep it 100% truthful and genuine with anyone that I come into contact with online. 

Till this day I still work as a part-time Train driver in the UK, London… And I’ve been there for the past 2 years. 

Could I leave the job, hell yeah! But I choose not too just yet, as I got some more work to do.

How & Where Did this start?

This whole business thing started for me when I decided to open up a physical store with my sister selling bagels. 

I know you’re probably thinking, Bagels? Yes, bagels, haha! And although it didn’t work out, it’s not where my journey ended, for sure! 


ALOT! To sum it up, we managed to drive some great revenue, but almost "nothing when it came to profits". 

That's what led me to looking online, as I knew what was possible with business.

I had no money! So Affiliate marketing stood out like a sore thumb. After failing for months with FAKE guru methods, I finally stumbled across SEO.  

It was a no brainer, and if done right an almost guaranteed way to success. So I dived into a brand new site and got building. 

Luckily, I didn’t fail with niche sites, as I managed to finally filter out the BS and find real people that shared REAL information. 


That brings me to today, as I now have 4 successful websites that earn over $3000 a month.

Through testing, I have developed SOP’s, templates and guidelines that give me predictable results each and every time. 

Its a proven blueprint to success...

The Only Program You Will Ever Need...

I’ve put EVERYTHING I know about affiliate marketing with niche sites into ‘Niche Site Amazon Secrets’.

This Book has everything you could possibly need to turn your niche site into a systematic predictable business.

Here's What You Get (at a glance)

A LOT Went Into This! 

I spent MONTHS putting this together to make sure that it had EVERYTHING you could possibly need for building a successful niche site.

Believe me, this is going to blow your mind, and change your niche site game forever. 

To say that I put blood sweat and tears into this would be an understatement. Although I know its totally worth it, as it’s going to bring about BIG change for a lot of people.

What Will This CHANGE For You?


The 'backlink blueprint' in this book will bring you results in just a matter of months when applied properly


No longer will this have to be a stressful learning curve for you as I lay everything out in a simple blueprint format. With a printable action plan included


The 'backlink blueprint' in this book will bring you results in just a matter of months when applied properly

It Means Nothing Without CHANGE!

  • Pre Researched Niches: Work in the most profitable niches online (list included) 
  • Outsource Training: Have a Business that grows with structure, so you can focus on other things more important
  • Profit: Learn where and how to re invest profits to give yourself the biggest potential upside
  • Don't Just Take My Word For It...
  •   STEP BY STEP - Help to build, rank and monetise your first niche site
  •   STRATEGY  - Access to a series of SOP’s and systems that give you predictable results 
  •   WALKTHROUGHS- The Backlink blueprint that holds your hands through the entire process
  •   NINJA TACTICS- 5 methods of keyword research to find the most profitable keywords in any niche
  •   TECHNIQUE - Content techniques that will guarantee you beat out the competition on page 1 

Get In NOW & Grab A BONUS! 

Given the circumstances, Im also going to throw in 3 Content templates that I personally use on all of my sites

Total Value Of This Product

Keyword research (5 strategy pack) $197

List of Most profitable niches $97

Content building templates and strategies $97

Backlink blueprint (12 week) step by step plan $197

Monetisation blueprint (identify the best method for you and your readers) $147

Total Value For You: $735.00

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back. If you don't like what you see inside, then just contact me and I'll refund 50% of the sale.

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However, there is NO GUARANTEE that I can keep the price this low. As I intend on raising the price for every 100 sales of the product. So get in now and save the risk of spending more in the future.

Your just 1 step away from accessing over 100 pages of absolute GOLD! Theres literally tons of actionable information inside this book that will hold your hand every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • How do I get access to your eBook? 
    Once you purchase, you immediately get access to the product via the payment confirmation page. You will also then receive an email with a link to the downloadable product shortly after.
  •  Is there any money that I have to invest?
    Yes, you need to invest money for your business tools which includes your content management site, hosting and advertising. However this is not a substantial amount and I cover all exact costs inside of the book.
  •  Do I have to be a great writer to write for niche sites?
    No, you don't. But you must have a good command of English so that your posts make sense to the average visitor. As long as your posts are helpful and useful you'll be good to go.  
  •  Do you cover niche selection?
    Its one of the first training modules in the book. I also give you my bonus list of the most profitable niches you can get into from today.
  •  Do I need to purchase a bunch of SEO tools?
    SEO tools make life easier, but you can get away without them with mostly free alternatives.

The Choice Is Yours...

To recap, this product will take you STEP by STEP with:

  •    How to Choose a Niche 
  •    Building a site with the correct architecture (for readers & Search Engines)
  •    5 Methods Of Keyword Research 
  •   Competitor Analysis (reverse engineer competitor sites to gauge difficulty and extract data)
  •    The Content Creation Blueprint (Including high converting templates)
  •   A Step by Step backlink blueprint 
  •   Complete training on SEO and how search engines work (the complete mechanics of Google)

Take it all for Just $735.00 $37 Today! 

I’ve been at this for just over 2 years, and through that time I’ve built up a TON of experience. I try to share this stuff on YouTube, but there’s only so much I can squeeze into a short video. 

That's why I put this together… To just let the cat out the bag and REVEAL EVERYTHING! I personally stand behind this product and truly believe it will change your journey for the better.

Best of luck!